This is what I do.

Hey! I am a PhD student at School of Information and Electronics, Beijing Institue of Technology, from fall 2012. I am working with Prof. Senlin Luo on machine learning and medical data mining. Since Sep. 2015, I am a visiting PHD student at Human Sensing Lab in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). I am really fortunate to work with my advisor Dong Huang and Prof. Fernando de la Torre . My research interests include machine learning and computer vision, with particular interests in finite mixture model and self-paced learning.


Teaser Title
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Longfei Han, Senlin Luo and Jianmin Yu. Rule Extraction From Support Vector Machines Using Ensemble Learning Approach. JBHI, 19(2), 728-734, 2015.
Senlin Luo, Longfei Han, and Tiemei Zhang. A Risk Assessment Model for Type 2 Diabetes in Chinese. PLoS One, 2015.